Frequently Asked Questions

Hiring a personal chef is a new adventure to many people and is a wonderful service for busy people. These are the most frequently asked questions. If your question is not answered here please email for a quick response.

Do I have to be home for you to cook in my kitchen?

No. If you are unable to be home we will agree in advance how and when I will enter your home and any pet considerations (I love all animals). If you are at home I will need to have full time use of your kitchen that cooking day. I will leave your kitchen spotless, your home smelling fabulous and your fridge and freezer full of delicious meals - all labeled and directions for usage.

My kitchen is not exactly large or full of nice pans, will that work?

I bring all my own pots, pans, spices and pantry items. I have a "fully Stocked" portable kitchen with me! I can manage quite well in kitchens from big to small.

Can you just deliver the meals instead?

Yes! Delivery is definitely an option for you if you prefer. The advantage of in-home cooking is the personal touch as I will organize each meal in your refrigerator and freezer. A delivery charge will apply.

My husband and I have very different tastes, how does that work?

This is not a problem as I can create a menu that is customized for everyone's tastes. This way you are both happy and satisfied with your meals.

We have special health and/or allergy requirements. Can you still cook for us?

Yes. I often have clients who have special restricted diets, want to lose weight, want to eat healthier, only want organic products, and/or have food related allergies. I can address all of these issues and more when we meet initially and do an in depth food questionnaire. The questionnaire tells me all about your unique eating requirements. I plan your menu especially for your IDEAL health and eating enjoyment.

Can you do a dinner party for us occasionally?

Yes, I would love to! I enjoy doing parties very much from small dinners and lunches to full-scale celebrations for large groups. We can discuss exactly how you want your party to go and what type of menu you want. If it is a large party, I have several great people I can use to help if necessary. If you would rather I just prepare the food in advance and leave it for you to serve, this definitely an option.

I understand that your charges are a cooking fee plus groceries. How much are the groceries usually?

Groceries vary depending on what type of menu you request. If you want lots of expensive meats and seafood it will cost more. It averages about $125-160 for 20 meals (single dinner servings including side dishes).

Can I afford a personal chef?

Yes, you can! Just add up the time spent planning, shopping, cooking and cleaning up, not to mention the time spent on those last minute after work trips to the market and you will realize that Flour Girl Personal Chef Service is going to save you A LOT of valuable time. Now factor in the cost benefits of not throwing out the "spoiled" foods you never quite got around to cooking as well as the "menus gone wrong" that went down the drain because they just tasted awful. Don't forget the money you will save by not frequenting your local restaurants because you're just too tired to cook. Next imagine your increased health benefits from replacing greasy take-out or delivery foods with delicious and nutritious home-cooked meals and you will realize that a Personal Chef is quite affordable. 

What if the difference between a private and a personal chef?

A personal chef is someone who has a passion for cooking and brings that love of cooking to your home and to your dinner table.  A Personal Chef is NOT a private chef.  Private chefs cook for one family and prepare meals as needed.  A Personal Chef has several clients, usually one per day, and prepares and packages multiple meals in the client's home.

I'm on a specific diet - Can you accommodate it?

ABSOLUTELY! The beauty of Flour Girl Personal Chef service lies in the luxury of having all meals tailored to your specific needs. I'm more than happy to personalize your meals to the low-carb, low-sodium, calorie-controlled, low-fat, etc. diet that you are following.

What if my kitchen doesn't have what you need?

Not a problem. At our initial consultation I will conduct a "kitchen interview" to see what equipment, pots, pans and utensils you have. Whatever you don't have, I'll bring with me. We can also discuss purchasing basic kitchen items if you wish.

What on earth am I waiting for?

Good Question. Why not stop asking and contact Chef Luca today!