Chef Luca

Luca Stefani was born and raised on the Mediterranean island of Sardinia, Italy, where he first learned the traditional craft of making homemade pasta at his grandmother’s knee. In his early 20’s, Luca moved to Rome where he continued to pursue his interest in refined, authentic Italian cuisine. Encouraged by friends who raved about his private dinners, Luca began a successful collaboration with one of Rome’s well-known restaurants, supplying them with his specialty -- classic homemade Ravioli in a variety of flavors. Now living in New York City, Luca is pleased to share his love of good food with those who also appreciate the experience of intimate Italian dining at home. Luca’s fine cooking style is innovative but grounded in the Italian culinary tradition. He is consistent and understands the classics, yet his creative abilities, passion for what he does, and hard work will all be apparent in the experience you will enjoy with every delicious bite you take. 

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